Nightfall - FIFCYL, Palencia Spain

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Nightfall, Festival Internacional De Fotograpía De Castilla Y Léon, Palenica, Spain - April - May 2024

Oh Britannia! - De Queeste Art, Belgium

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Oh Britannia!, De Queeste Art, Watou, Belgium - April - May 2024

Breakfast - Yeast Photo Festival, Italy

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Breakfast, Yeast Photo Festival, Matino, Puglia, Italy -  Sept - Nov, 2023

Breakfast - Irasun, Seoul, South Korea

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Breakfast, Irasun, South Korea - Oct - Dec 2021

The Brits - Ypres, Belgium

photo © Niall McDiarmid

The Brits, Het Perron Cultural Centre, Ypres, Belgium - Sept - Nov' 2022

Facing Britain

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Facing Britain, Museum Goch, Germany - Sept - Dec' 2020

Featuring 25 documentary photographers, the exhibition focuses on the period of Britain's membership of the European Union and its forerunner between 1963 and 2020. Facing Britain, curated by Ralph Goertz, will tour different German galleries in 2021/2

Town To Town - Bristol

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Town To Town - Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol : Jan - May 2018

Hidden Hospitality - Llandudno

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Hidden Hospitality - Llandudno, North Wales: Sept-Dec 2018


Shown in the seafront shelters along the promenade at Llandudno, 54 large-scale portraits of those who work behind the scenes in the town's hotel and guest houses. The exhibition was produced and curated by Paul Sampson who runs the Oriel Colwyn gallery.

Here and Now - London

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Here And Now, Museum of London, London : May - Oct 2017

Portraits from across London were exhibited in the Rotunda space at the Museum from May till Oct 2017. The 43 images, print large-scale were part of the City Now, City Future series. 

Distinctly Britain - Pingyao

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Distinctly Britain - Pingyao Photography Festival: Sept 2018

Six images from the Town To Town series were exhibited at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China as part of the Distinctly Britain festival. Featuring 12 British photographers, including Chris Killip, Tish Murtha, Martin Parr and Marketa Luskacova, the show ran from 19-25 September 2018.

Blast Photo Festival - West Bromwich

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Looking for Sandwell, Blast Photo Festival, West Bromwich : May-June 2019

I was commissioned by the West Midlands community arts charity, Multistory to shoot a series of portraits throughout the borough of Sandwell in 2018/2019. The images where shown at different locations in West Bromwich and on the Midland Metro tram stations across the region during the Blast Photo Festival.   

Tale of Two Streets - Coventry

photo © Niall McDiarmid

Tale of Two Streets - Coventry: May-June 2018

Shot over a year, the exhibition featured portraits from Far Gosford Street in Coventry. These were shown in Fargo Village, a creative arts space on the street, and Greyfriars Green adjacent to the railway station. The project was a collaboration with Photo Archive Miners and Coventry University students who photographed on Foleshill Road. The displays ran througout May and June 2019 

British Portraits - Colwyn Bay

photo © Niall McDiarmid

British Portraits - Oriel Colwyn, Colwyn Bay : Sept - Oct 2016

Portraits from across the Britain from my first book Crossing Paths.